Tuesday, July 23, 2013

6. School Days; What's Inside the Bag?

6. School Days; What's inside the Bag?

School days were dreadful. There are some good days but the are mostly bad because you have to spend 7-8 hours of your life at school. I spent most of my school day slacking, being lazy, and losing focus. I did enough to pass but I really should try this year, it being ,y senior year and all. So far freshman year was my favorite and junior has been my worst and hardest year. I really just want everything to go smoothly with easy quick jumps of the hurtles in my way. 

What's inside my bag you ask? My bag you do mean handbag right? I don't carry a backpack because:
  1. I don't need one
  2. I don't bring multiple books home
  3. It is simply uncool to own a backpack in high school (just kidding)
I have pencils, pens, lip gloss, a mirror, my wallet, my house key, make up, my phone and my charger in my bag. That's about it not really too supplied with school things.

XOXO Material Girl.

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